certification training

We strive for a maximum of 8 participants per training session. It is an intense training, which leads to full certification. In the training the following items are covered:
  • general theory of the testing of people
  • general theory of drives
  • the reading of individual profiles
  • the reading of group profiles
  • adapting RealDrives to practical coaching and advice
On the second day we provide a mix of theory and practical exercises. On the third day, actual certifying takes place based on a participant prepared RealDrives profiles. If you pass the last test successfully (and most do) you’ll receive the so called CombiBox, a user-friendly online tool with which organizations and trainers can independently:
  • Send out Test codes. The trainer only has to import a name and email address to send an electronic invitation. The box creates an adjustable invitation in four languages, which is automatically provided with a test code. The test candidate receives an email with a test code, that can be clicked on to take them to the test site. The opening screen offers the test candidate a choice of four languages. The trainer can send out reminders with a simple click of a button.
  • Read and present test results. When the candidate has completed the test, the results automatically appear in the CombiBox. The test can be presented individually, but the CombiBox can also generates reports. There is a short schematic type of report, and a longer written out report available. Group results are shown in averages in a scattergram. All forms of presentation are shown in a pdf-format and don’t require any kind of special software. Any computer can be used.
  • Combine test results from different groups. Every CombiBox has a free-pick group, that can be used to combine individual tests from different groups.
  • Exchange mutual test results. The CombiBox has a function to safely (so not via email) exchange data with other CombiBoxes.