large-scale deployment

RealDrives data provides an amazing insight in the subcultures in your organization. It will make you aware of the fact that any organization consists of a series of very different group cultures. For some, it is amazing to see different group cultures within one organization, but this is what makes organizations work. Would you expect Sales to have the same culture pattern as the Accounting Department? Hopefully, they are very different. In practice, they will have very little in common, so they will have to be approached and managed in different ways.


But being different does not necessarily mean being fit for the job. That is why RealDrives also provides logic to assess whether a specific subcultural pattern is appropriate for the job. Certainly, there is no one best way, and organizations indeed show vast differences, but from experience we know that every department needs two specific group drives to function properly.


To organizations interested in large-scale deployment of RealDrives, we offer a range of services, from testing to specific analyses and dashboards. Experienced consultants will guide the management through the data in order to draw conclusions and set priorities.