RealDrives toolkit

Participants receive an invitation generated through the online toolkit to fill out a RealDrives questionnaire. When a participant clicks on the link in their email invitation, he/she will come to a language selection screen. Standard languages available are: English, French, German and Dutch. The RealDrives questionnaire is a modern browser app and consists of only 11 questions, which take about 15 minutes to answer. With the RealDrives questionnaire we provide a detailed measurement of preferred drives, in what way the environment is perceived and how behavior is adapted to that environment. As soon as the questionnaire has been filled out, the results become available in the online toolkit.

The following reports are available for each tested individual in the online toolkit:
  • Quick reading guide
  • Full text report (automatically written by RealDrives system)
  • Click-spiral
  • Management profile
Aside from the individual reports there are several group or team reports available:
  • Profile cards
  • Group totals
  • Group scattergrams
  • Group Profile and factsheet self management
For organizations and meta users we offer, in addition to the CombiBox, the BizBox, this is an online system with more functions and focused on larger numbers and the complexities those bring. For all our systems all that is required is an internet connection and a (modern) browser to all access full functionality.