drives workshop

There is a pool of approximately 150 trainers available - all trained by us - to provide a workshop for your team. These trainers are working throughout the country, we will bring you in touch with a passionate trainer in your area. The drives workshop is built around four set parts:
  1. What are drives?
  2. Insight into your own drives
  3. Energy, motivation and cooperation
  4. Your team, your task and your manager
It is possible, should you indicate this in your pre-workshop discussions, to focus on your specific team situation or an upcoming change when working on items 3 and 4. A week before the workshop every team member will receive an email invitation to fill out a RealDrives questionnaire. A RealDrives drive test measures someone’s internal motivation, how someone perceives their environment and how someone acts. During the workshop you will receive your personal drive results. Experience has shown that people, once they understand their own drives and how they act, will quickly want to share their drives with others.

The cost of a RealDrives drives workshop depends on the number of participants and the desired duration. In the pre-workshop conversation (often by phone) you will get to know your trainer and will plan the date together. All team members receive a RealDrives test and personal results. During the workshop we look at and discuss the team make-up using the RealDrives factsheet for teams. After the workshop you will receive a paper copy of this factsheet with a brief explanation.