RealDrives improves team performance

Values or drives are of an enormous consequence to the behavior, energy and the effectivity of people. It is therefore not strange that tens of thousands of people have done tests to learn about their drives. Especially in large, professional organizations this happens daily. It appears to be an extremely effective mean to have individuals and teams function better, but it also enforces the bond between person and organization. Organizations that take the drives of their employees in to consideration are after all much more attractive employers.

RealDrives provides in a modern online infrastructure that quickly enables you to map drives of individuals and groups. RealDrives measures six values and uses a specific color for every drive. RealDrives uses the same colors to characterize preference as well as perception of the environment and behavior.

We have always treated personal data with great care and we will continue to do so in the future, how you can read in our Privacy Statement. You can always contact us directly if you feel that your organization is not dealing correctly with RealDrives results!

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