why do people do what they do?

RealDrives offers a rich, personal and complete insight into what motivates people by means of drives and a corresponding color language. RealDrives is the only instrument that measures what inherently drives people, how they perceive and experience their environment and how they behave. Drives, behaviour and context exhibit a fascinating interplay, that is different for each person.

RealDrives also generates team profiles - team culture in team colours - using intelligent group dynamics logic; After all, a group is more than the sum of its individuals.

With one single round of measurements based on only 11 questions, RealDrives offers personal profiles for team members, a culture profile of the team as a whole, and a team dashboard for the team management. Thus, 3 in 1.

With the personalized individual and team insights, mutual understanding, interaction and collaboration can be strengthened.