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We are experts in measuring drives and understanding why people do what they do. To measure drives we make use of an online questionnaire with only 11 questions. Answering those questions takes at most 15 minutes. RealDrives works everywhere, even in other countries, with other cultures and languages. Both the RealDrives questionnaire as well as the results modules are available in many different languages.

RealDrives uses a modern online toolkit to measure drives, track people and group data, and generate results. Certified trainers or their organization can make use of this online toolkit (called CombiBox), so that people can independently from us set up drive-measurements and generate individual and group results. Click for more info about the toolbox

For people who would like to start using RealDrives we provide a 3-day certification training. This training offers enough skills and starting points to be able to interpret RealDrives results independently and to understand the impact of drives within groups. Click for more info about the certification training

The drives workshop is given by an experienced RealDrives trainer. The program is built around four set parts: What are drives? - Insight into your own drives - Energy, motivation and cooperation - Your team, your task and your manager. Click for more info about a drives workshop

RealDrives provides in-company trainings for groups up to 8 persons. Once the group has done the training, they will be equipped with the proper tools to use RealDrives independently within the organization. Click for more info about an incompany RealDrives team

To organizations interested in large-scale deployment of RealDrives, we offer a range of services, from testing to specific analyses and dashboards. Experienced consultants will guide the management through the data in order to draw conclusions and set priorities. Click for more information about large-scale deployment

Drives tests have a history which is largely unknown to most people. Worth noting is that though drives tests are American in origin, the development and spread of drives tests, for the most part, took place in The Netherlands. Below you will find an overview of that history. Click for more info about the history of drives

The thinking behind personality tests is based on the idea of making the world a simpler place by putting people in certain categories. You divide people up into a few different categories which can be done in a few different ways. There are three basic routes you can take; you look at what someone does, you look at what someone can do, and you look at what someone wants. Click for more info about types of tests

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