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Why drives?

Drives are great for understanding why people do what they do, but they are also super for guiding group processes. Drives drive behavior and have a great influence on the synergy and job satisfaction of people. Drives are not a goal in themselves, drives are a vehicle to get something done. By responding cleverly to drives, you can influence people's behavior and achieve a cultural change.

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Personal development

Drives define who you are, how you see your environment and what you are looking for. By knowing your drives you learn more about yourself. What are your patterns and how can you break them, what do you really want, what gives you energy?

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Days of absence per year

Lots of stress and often sick? It could just be because of the manager. Those who lead incorrectly create a negative atmosphere. Drives indicate how to motivate people.

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Is a group

Drives give a group a roadmap to start communicating better among themselves. Addressing each other at each other's value creates less noise and improves collaboration!

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Mismatch in recruitment

Drives define largely the match between person, task & team. A better match also gives higher retention rates!

From A to Better

With knowledge of drives, you can predict the direction of each individual or group. You can also reason out how to influence so that the route becomes different, more fun, nicer, smoother, more direct, more successful or more inclusive.

met drijfveren van A naar Beter
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Matching and colliding drives

You can use drives to estimate what people as individuals or groups think of something or will do in a given situation. The predictive nature of matching and colliding drives - between a person and other people, task, assignment, purpose, setting or even a (new) product or text - provides leads for acceleration and improvement.

Think of applications such as assessing risks around compliance, putting together teams or during a merger where you want to "calculate" the degree of click beforehand, getting all the people involved in a change process, recruitment & selection. Drives logic has added value for processes where gut feeling can go wrong, because it makes them more data-driven.


Drives are rendered with six colors. Everyone is different and perceives the world through his or her own color glasses. Drives have enormous significance for people's behavior, energy and effectiveness.

The Yellow drive

Wants to analyze in freedom and wants to act from insight.

The Orange drive

Strives for results and progress, loves goals.

The Green drive

Pursues the human dimension and puts mutual harmony first.

The Blue drive

Seeks order and certainty, likes predictability.

The Red drive

Pursues its own domain and brings speed as well as ferocity.

The Purple drive

Wants to care and contribute to a sense of security and safety.