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When is the next certification course?

We organize 3-day RealDrives courses twice a quarter, which leads to full certification!

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Why drives?

Drives drive what and why people do what they do. It proves to be an extremely effective tool to help individuals and teams function better, as well as strengthen the bond between people and the organization.

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How does RealDrives compare to other tests?

If we look at the tests used in business services, we can roughly divide them into two categories: personality tests and drives surveys.

What distinguishes these tests is that personality tests focus on finding personality traits, while drive surveys focus on discovering what people really want.

They differ considerably in their approach, vision, purpose and application. Of course, there are also tests that focus on competencies and intelligence, but they are in an entirely different market.

Where do drives come from?

Drives surveys have a history unknown to many. What is special about the history is, that although the drives theory is of American origin, the development and spreading of drives surveys for the most part took place from the Netherlands!

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