Get the best out of yourself and your team with RealDrives.

Knowing and understanding your own drives is critical to your personal development. Understanding others' drives provides leads for improving your team and organization. Drives determine what and why people do what they do.

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Show your colors!

Drives are rendered with six colors. Everyone is different and perceives the world through his or her own color glasses. Drives have enormous significance for people's behavior, energy and effectiveness. It is therefore not surprising that in the Netherlands alone many tens of thousands of people have taken tests to learn about their colors. It turns out to be an extremely effective tool to help individuals and teams function better, but it also strengthens the bond between people and the organization. After all, organizations that take the drives of their employees into account are much more attractive employers!

The Yellow drive

Wants to analyze in freedom and wants to act from insight.

knowledge freedom self-managing vision

The Orange drive

Strives for results and progress, loves goals.

ambition goal oriented flexibility

The Green drive

Pursues the human dimension and puts mutual harmony first.

equality openness sharing

The Blue drive

Seeks order and certainty, likes predictability.

clarity discipline reliability

The Red drive

Pursues its own domain and brings speed as well as ferocity.

tempo alert fearless

The Purple drive

Wants to care and contribute to a sense of security and safety.

subservient unity caring


Our courses

Becoming a RealDrives trainer

For people who want to be able to interpret RealDrives profiles, who are interested in how drives relate to team culture and how drives affect team dynamics.

  • 3-day course
  • Exam with certificate
  • Own online toolbox

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Drives for managers

For team leaders and managers who want to apply drives to their teams. A program with examples of common situations within teams and how drives play a role there. Complete with tools for the manager to manage with drives.

  • One-day program
  • Tips and best practices
  • Instantly applicable in practice

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Introduction into drives

For anyone who wants to learn more about drives - what are drives, what can you do with them and what do yours look like. Drives affect everything you do together and with others. Learn what your own drives are and their impact in different situations.

  • Online program
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Interesting and fun!

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Tailored instead of "one size fits all"

Drives are not a goal in themselves, drives are a vehicle to get something done; such as more effective collaboration, a better match or more results. By using drives, you can create an approach tailored to the person or group, which will get things done faster and thus get more out of them. By communicating your message in matching drive colors, it is better understood and the click is greater.





Only 11 questions, 15 minutes

Measuring drives has been shown to be extremely effective in helping individuals and teams function better.

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Mobile App

For iPhone and iPad

Your drives always at hand, by knowing the other person's color you can communicate more effectively.

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2 Online Toolkits



For trainers and certificants

To independently deploy drives surveys and generate individual profiles and group results.

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Enterpise Portal

With dividers and interpreters

To easily work with drives in larger organizations.

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